What is a Bond?

Bonds allow investors to lend their money to governments or private firms in exchange for interest.

Simply put, a bond is a loan.

Bonds offer several benefits relative to other investments such as providing stable, predictable returns,  having lower risk than stocks, providing fixed interest payments as a source of income and not necessarily requiring a broker or dealer.

How are Worthy Bonds Different?


img-invest-deab10e9d2213b2f8114ba2cee29bbefWorthy uses bond funds to lend money to individual and corporate developers of local real estate projects (including affordable housing). Worthy then pays interest on the bonds with the interest from the loans. The chart below shows why bonds are a great investment option for most investors.


Bonds Worthy Bonds
Provide stable, predictable returns A higher yield (_xx% APY1) than Treasury bonds and backed by residential real estate
Lower risk than stocks

Bonds secured by residential real estate and not affected by Wall Street volatility

Bonds provide fixed interest payments as a source of income Worthy bonds’ interest is compounded daily
Usually require a broker or dealer Available online or in the app in denominations of only $10
  NO Fees. NO Penalties. Withdraw funds anytime through the app/site.2

1 _xx% APY Rate valid until _expdate
2 Worthy Community and Property Bond Funds 1 and 2 only. Not applicable to gifted bonds.