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takes to start

$10 is all it takes to start

Everyone should be able to invest, regardless of their income. We've removed the traditional barriers to investing that we believe make growing your nest egg easier and accessible to everyone.

Freedom from fees and restrictions

Freedom from fees
and restrictions

We believe you have better things to do than pay fees to access YOUR money. That's right- no purchase or withdrawal fees, no transfer fees, or penalties of any kind. You can withdraw your funds when you want them.

Nest Egg

Invest in your future while helping others

Proceeds from your purchase of Worthy's _xx% APY fixed interest bonds are used to help fuel American businesses, including real estate developers. Imagine that -- putting your money to work while supporting your fellow humans.

Welcome to a fairer, more
human side of finance

At last, even the smallest investors can benefit from investments
usually reserved for larger, institutional, and wealthy investors.

Invest in a better world

How it works

We create and sell SEC qualified bonds that help communities thrive. Proceeds from bonds sales are primarily loaned to real estate development companies who offer real estate collateral to secure the funds. Since the money from the sale of our Worthy bonds helps fund the loans, you, as a bond holder, get to indirectly share in the interest generated!

Invest with purpose

Invest with purpose.

We use bond proceeds to make loans and investments to help growing companies succeed and offer consistent returns to our bond holders. We invest bond sale proceeds into short-term real estate loans.

Invest with purpose

Forecast your financial future with our planning calculator and see what Worthy can do for you!

Initial investment

Initial investment

Whether it's $10, $1,000 or more, choose your initial investment to get started.



Watch our _xx% APY interest go to work for you by choosing a length of time to hold your investment.

Earnings Planner

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  • $5000
  • $0
  • $500
3 years
  • 1 year
  • 10 years
Average $30 in purchased bonds per month.

Your total value


Auto purchase

Auto purchase

Take investing off your to do list. Schedule how much and how often you want to purchase bonds and let us do the rest!



Make the most of your "spare change." We can round-up your everyday purchases to the next whole dollar and automatically invest this “spare change” in a $10 bond.

5 types of accounts

Choose the account type that works best for you.


Invest for your own future. This is the most common account type for our community members.

Open individual account


Choose this option if you would like to open an account using a non-profit organization as the legal entity to purchase bonds.

Open non-profit account


Select this option if you would like to open an account using a business as the legal entity to purchase bonds.

Open business account


Choose this option to use an existing trust fund as the legal entity to purchase bonds.

Open trust account


Invest using funds from an existing Individual Retirement Account and benefit from IRA tax advantages!

Open IRA account

You have questions, we have answers

  • What are Worthy Bonds?

    They are $10, _xx% APY interest bearing obligations of each Worthy issuer (Worthy Property Bonds, Worthy Community Bonds, Worthy Peer Capital, etc). They are qualified for sale by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

  • How many bonds can I buy?

    Unlimited for accredited investors ($50,000 limit on online purchases) and up to 10% of an individual’s annual income or net worth for non-accredited investors.

  • Can anyone buy them?

    Yes, the Bonds can be purchased by accredited and non-accredited U.S. investors. You must be over 18 to buy bonds.

  • How liquid are Worthy Bonds?

    You can take out your money at any time, including the interest with no penalties or fees at all. Just click on the "Withdrawal" button on our app and that's it.

  • When do I get my money back?

    Bonds can be cashed out at any time without penalty.* After all, we’re trying to help you grow your money, not take it!

  • What if the stock market goes down?

    Worthy Bonds are not correlated to the stock market. As a private, non-publicly traded bond our security is not tied to market volatility.

  • How is the interest compounded?

    Interest compounds at a _xx% annual rate as soon as you've reached at least a penny in earned interest.

  • More questions?

    Visit our dedicated page of frequently asked questions.

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