We are the fairer, more 
human side of finance

We've assembled a Worthy team of some of the brightest and boldest minds with big hearts to match. Every day we show up committed to our mission of creating a more fair and equitable financial playing field for all.

The Worthy Team

We believe in the power of 
community capital

Everyone is Worthy of economic security and we are all better off when we invest in each other.

Our Mission

Shape a better world

Shape a better world

We're working to change the face of finance. It's time to use our money and direct our investments to help shape the world we want to live in.

Main Street

Main Street instead of Wall Street

We want to help people grow a nest egg even if they think they can't...and do it while supporting Main Street over Wall Street.

Everyone is Worthy

Everyone is Worthy of financial security

At Worthy, we believe everyone is worthy of -- and deserves -- economic security.


Interest earned


Worthy customers

$200,000,000 in Bonds Sold*

*Bonds sold by all Worthy subsidiary issuers

Meet the executive team

Our Worthy executive members are motivated and passionate people on a mission to address the issues of financial insecurity and help our community thrive. We believe everyone is worthy, whether you have $100 or $50,000 to invest. We treat our customers with transparency and respect.

Sally Outlaw

Sally Outlaw

Chief Executive Officer

Jang Centofani

Jang Centofani

Chief Administrative Officer

Alan Jacobs

Alan Jacobs

Chief Operations Officer and Chief Lending Officer

Jim Eichmann

Jim Eichmann

Chief Technology Officer

“The opportunity to be stakeholders in our 
communities, and in each other
, is so 

important and that’s what Worthy was 
designed to offer”

Sally Outlaw, CEO

Creating Economic Opportunity.

Creating economic opportunity for all

We want to help lift the financial burden off of those who suffer from financial stress. One way to do this is by creating access to higher-yielding alternative investments. However, these asset classes are normally reserved for the wealthy, so Worthy used a new securities regulation to create a product that would be open to ALL. This is also about fairness -- for 80 years securities laws kept the “98%” from accessing opportunities for financial growth.

Become a Worthy

Become a Worthy

We are always on the look out for amazing talents. If you fancy joining our team, contact us.

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