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Why our Bonds are a Worthy Investment Option

Over $200 Million in bonds sold

We believe Worthy Bonds are a great way to grow your wealth. We created and sell SEC qualified bonds that help fuel American businesses while offering a 7% APY yield to you - with no fees, and with access to your funds at any time. This is investing you can feel good about.

Build your Nest Egg with Worthy bonds. Try it for Yourself!

Earnings Planner

  • $10
  • $5000
  • $0
  • $500
3 years
  • 1 year
  • 10 years
Average $20 in purchased bonds per month.

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A Worthy community

We call our customers “Worthies” and every day we get messages telling us how our platform has helped them on their financial journey. Whether that is creating a rainy day fund, paying off students loans, or taking that trip they’ve been dreaming about.

Words from our Worthy community

I love Worthy! Thanks for offering some returns I can rely on and feel good about! A nice alternative to the bank for a portion of my money (while of course acknowledging the potential for market risk).
Stephanie FBondholder since 2019

Mobile App Features


Portfolio and Community Dashboards at your finger tips.

Planning calculator

See how much you can earn and get excited about your savings goals!

Auto Purchase

Schedule how much and how often you want to invest in our bonds and let us do the rest!

Apple user ABJ0611

So far it’s great. It’s another revenue stream to have in your portfolio. I like it’s ease of use and since this concept is fairly new, the app will continue to improve.

Google user Norma Valdery

This is an amazing way to invest your money in American businesses.

Apple user MB7524

I have been using Worthy for over a year now and I’m amazed at how simple Worthy has made the seemingly complex topic of bonds. Put your money in, take it out at any time, no questions asked. Plus Earn 7% APY. That’s it. Beats any bank for short term savings funds.

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