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Imagine being able to give back to your local community while earning a return on your investment. With community investing, that’s completely possible – and right now, it’s more important than ever before. 

A lot of investment opportunities line the pockets of major banks and Wall Street firms, but community bonds are a more socially responsible way to invest money back into local areas. 

If you want to make the world a better place for all, Worthy bonds could be the investment vehicle you’ve been searching for!

What is Community Investing? 

Community investing is the practice of putting money toward communities and their citizens – instead of lining the pockets of corporations and Wall Street.

You might already do some community investing on a small scale, like heading to a local restaurant instead of a national chain or a local credit union instead of a big bank. This helps keep the money you spend within your community instead of sending a portion off to bigwig executives and institutional investors.

More direct forms of investing, like purchasing community bonds, can allocate capital to low-income communities to build affordable homes, create more jobs, and overall create a more positive impact.

Every dollar spent or invested in your local community helps provide someone else with more affordable housing, job opportunities, and other important items needed to thrive. When you make the move to invest in Main Street over Wall Street, you help your neighbors and small businesses thrive.

Community investing allows you to make socially responsible spending decisions, putting those dollars to work to create better lives for real people. 

What are Community Bonds?

A bond is essentially a loan you make to a specific entity, whether that is the government (via U.S. Treasury bonds, for example) or a corporation. In exchange for your financial loan, you will receive a set interest rate payment on the funds you provided. Many people lend their money directly to Uncle Sam, but there are other ways you can support local communities instead. 

One option is investing in municipal bonds, which cater to local or state government projects. With your investment, you could help build new schools, pave new roads, and implement projects that make your community a nicer place to live. 

The downside with municipal bonds is that if you want the best bond rates, you won’t usually find them here. Municipal bonds support the community, but the ideal investment will support your financial future too.

Worthy bonds are a type of corporate bond, but we do things a little differently. We put the proceeds of bond sales toward community real estate projects. As a result, we support the growth of the communities where real people live, learn, work, and play.

Along with competitive rates (7% Fixed APY), no fees, and the ability to buy bonds in seconds without the need for a broker, Worthy bonds also work hard for YOU.

Our goal is to support Main Street over Wall Street, making the world a better place to live for all. 

Benefits of Investing in Community Bonds

There are loads of benefits to investing in bonds, for both you and the community. First, let’s take a closer look at how your investment helps economic factors in the community:

  • Affordable housing: People need safe, clean, affordable places to live, raise their families, and build a foundation for growth. Community bonds like what we offer at Worthy can help fund residential real estate developments, including affordable housing throughout the US.
  • Supporting Small Businesses: If a small business has a hard time obtaining traditional financing, community bonds can help by offering loans. As new products and offerings flood the community, it bolsters economic growth.
  • Employment: Investment in local communities contributes to higher rates of employment and the median income rises faster. 

While the community itself stands to gain quite a bit from this socially responsible investment, even an investor benefits from these bonds. If you’re looking at it from a personal standpoint, here’s what you can expect to gain from Worthy’s community bonds:

  • Higher Interest Rates: You can earn more in interest by keeping your money with Worthy bonds over other types of bonds. We offer a 7.0% APY fixed rate interest on the money you invest with us – and it compounds daily!
  • Low Barrier to Entry: While some investment vehicles are only open to the ultra-wealthy, we believe everyone is Worthy of investing. Bonds are only $10 each, so anyone can jump in, invest, and start earning!
  • Liquid Demand Bonds: Worthy’s current bonds are highly liquid, and you can sell them at any time with no fees or penalties. You’ll maximize your investment by holding onto the bonds long-term, but if you have an unexpected bill or a financial emergency, the money is at your fingertips.
  • Diverse Portfolio: Worthy bonds diversify your portfolio. If you’re worried about the constant ups and downs of the stock market, high-yield bonds like ours can put you on the path toward steady, consistent growth as we are independent of the volatility of the public markets.

Let’s Make the World a Happier, Wealthier Place

Are you ready to start earning more and giving back to the community all at the same time? Worthy bonds make it easy to start investing with just $10 and earn you a high fixed interest while remaining as liquid as possible – all while supporting community real estate projects.

Start investing in Main Street for the good of local citizens just like you. Worthy is here to help you diversify your portfolio and make a real impact in the world. 

Post by Team Worthy
April 3, 2024