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Podcasts are the perfect portable tool to help you gain knowledge on a range of topics. No matter your interest, there is probably a podcast to fit. What’s even more amazing is that they allow you to create a curriculum all your own to learn about the things that matter most to you from some of the greatest minds on the planet.

We’re sharing some of the podcasts we like best when it comes to life and finance, whether you’re a newbie investor, looking to start a side-hustle, or an established professional, we’re sure there is a podcast here to help you take your life and learning to the next level.

  1. Girls That Invest is a relatively new on the scene podcast hosted by Sim and Sonya, two millennial investors who are extremely passionate about all things investing and personal finance. While they may be new kids on the block, in short order, they have amassed a loyal following of fans who are learning, investing, and growing everyday.

    They break down the intimidating and not-so-well-taught world of investing and growing wealth, minus the jargon. It’s a refreshing listen with most episodes under 30 minutes, so you get all the info without any fluff.

  2. With over 350 episodes, 26,000 ratings, and an average 4.6 stars on Apple,** Planet Money** is an established podcast in the world of business and economics. Self-described as the “economy explained” but in a fun and engaging way as if you were meeting friends over drinks, Planet Money aims to take current events and complex concepts and turn them into easily understandable and digestible episodes you can learn from in under 30 minutes making it the perfect pod for your morning run or while you’re making dinner.

  3. In today’s world having a side hustle or passive income is pretty common. A report from Zapier showed that 34% of Americans currently have a side hustle and over 60 million planned to start one in 2021. No matter the reason for thinking about creating an additional income stream, a great place to get inspired and learn is from one of the leaders in the space, Pat Flynn.

    A dad, bestselling author, serial entrepreneur, and startup advisor, his podcast Smart Passive Income has been helping people navigate the passive income world with interviews from some of the world's most brilliant minds like Gary Vaynerchuk and Tim Ferriss. A top Apple Podcast with over 60+ million downloads, we’re sure you’ll find inspiration and ideas to get you started on the side hustle of your dreams!

  4. Another newbie to the podcast arena who is making a major name for herself is Tori Dunlap from the personal finance website HerFirst100K.  Having just launched the Financial Feminist podcast in May of this year, it quickly skyrocketed to be one of the top business podcasts on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

    CNBC, said “Tori Dunlap is the voice of financial confidence — and cold hard math — for women.” Each episode guides listeners on how to make more, spend less, and feel financially confident! Through both solo episodes and special guest interviews, each episode provides resources to get, save, and grow money to gain financial freedom and become a rockstar when it comes to owning your finances.

  5. The College Investor Podcast offers short, info packed episodes that can benefit young and older audiences alike. Covering topics that are crucial for setting up financial success from dealing with student loans to investment ideas, even if college was a few years ago, anyone can benefit from a listen. The short episode length makes this a perfect option for busy students or professionals. Tune in between classes or on a break, so you can maximize your financial know-how even if you’re short on time.

  6. The world of investing offers big opportunities, but can be a challenging place to navigate. Why not have guides that not only talk the talk, but have walked the walk? ** Invest Like a Boss** is an investing podcast hosted by millionaire Sam Marks and Entrepreneur Johnny FD.

    They share their own personal portfolios and the methods they’ve used to save money for retirement, travel, and more. Each episode shares interviews with some of the world's best investors, entrepreneurs, and financial minds to cover all aspects of investing in a way that is educational and engaging for the everyday investor.

  7. Having financial goals gives us something to aspire to. Whether you’re wanting to save for a down payment on your first house or take a once in a lifetime trip, there are a number of factors that come into play. Enter the Afford Anything podcast with host Paula Pant.

    This show includes a variety of interviews from experts to everyday people who share how they’ve managed to afford the things that matter to them to help them build a better life. In addition to interviews, Paula also takes listeners' questions as well as helping everyday people overcome situations we can all relate to. Each episode is insightful, educational, and you’ll come away with tools to build a better life for yourself!

  8. The way we work may be shifting but the fact remains we still spend a great deal of time working - whether we’re remote or heading back to an office. In Work Life with Adam Grant, an organizational psychologist, helps listeners enjoy the time they spend at work.

    With interesting interviews from a range of professions that offer insights and new perspectives, to concrete insights on how to build diverse teams or speak up at work, whether you’re in the C-Suite or it’s your first job, this podcast is sure to help you look at work with a new set of eyes.

  9. If you want to learn about money, investing, and personal finance from someone who has first hand experience, then Money for the Rest of Us may be just what you’re looking for. Hosted by J. David Stein, a former Chief Investment Strategist and money manager, he’s been teaching people about money and finance for over two decades.

    Covering topics from alternative investments, inflation, and NFT’s, this is the perfect podcast for new investors looking to increase their knowledge and seasoned investors to get information and insight from someone who has a wealth of experience and knowledge to share. Money for the Rest of Us can help you become a stronger investor without spending all your free time worrying about it.

  10. With upbeat energy and information you can put to use, Entrepreneurs on Fire is a podcast hosted by John Lee Dumas. Boasting over 100 million listens over 3,000 episodes, EOF is a great choice if you are curious about entrepreneurship, in the trenches of it, or just want to learn to be better at business.

    Each episode provides value from John’s interviews with other entrepreneurs in almost every niche you can imagine sharing stories from start-up life to coming up with their next big idea to launch. You’re sure to walk away inspired and on fire!

We hope this list has inspired and introduced you to a few new podcasts to add to your listening list to help you improve your finances and your future!

We’d love to know, what are some of your favorite podcasts?

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Post by Brandyce Stephenson
August 5, 2021