Limited time only!* 7.0% APY Fixed Interest, No Fees, No Catch - no kidding!

Limited Time Only!*
Purchase Bonds and Get 7.0% APY!
*Offer expires 11/12/24

We know you have BIG dreams for your future and at Worthy we’re here to help you stash your cash while helping your fellow humans.

Why worthy?

A better way to stash your cash

Our SEC qualified bonds are private corporate bonds and not tied to the wild ride that the stock market can provide. This offers attractive portfolio diversification.

Savings made simple

Our round-up and recurring purchase features let you put your savings on auto-pilot, because you don’t need one more thing on your to do list.

It’s YOUR money. Withdraw it when you need it.

Simply click the "withdraw" button on your dashboard and enter how many bonds or interest you'd like to redeem and the money will be sent to your linked bank account.

Piggy bank

Build a financial future

We believe saving should be simple, not stressful. We offer a straightforward and easy way to diversify your portfolio while offering a way to boost your financial goals. We’re making it easier to invest and make an impact – without affecting your lifestyle.

Support Growing Business

Support Community Real Estate Projects

When you join Worthy, you’re not only making an investment in your future, but also in the future of American communities. Worthy bond proceeds are used to provide secured loans to community real estate projects – which help strengthen local economies.

How it works

Meet our Worthies

“Owning a home has been a lifelong goal for me. The average musician doesn't necessarily earn a high or stable wage which has made saving for and purchasing a home a big challenge. Right now we are very close to owning our own first home and a large percentage of the equity being used to purchase the home will come from my investments with Worthy bonds.”
Michael RBondholder since 2018
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Help businesses grow and succeed

Proceeds from your purchase of Worthy's 7% APY fixed interest bonds are used to help fuel American businesses. Imagine that — putting your money to work by supporting your fellow humans.

Words from businesses we help succeed

"From the very first inquiry until we closed the loan, the entire lending team was so helpful and supportive. Most importantly, they made us and our business feel worthy! We were able to hire the employees we needed and invest in marketing and have been growing as a result. I would recommend them without hesitation!"
Frank C, Food & Beverage Industry

Worth Knowing

Whether you’re just getting started on your journey in personal finance or are looking for more in-depth answers, we have resources Worth Knowing about to help you make informed decisions for your future.

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Saving and investing are a part of our everyday lives. Find tools, tips, and other resources that help enhance your financial future.

Alternative Investing

Consider Worthy your trusted partner when it comes to learning about alternative investments that can diversify your portfolio.

Community Investing

We believe in the power of community investments that make an impact. Learn about other organizations and opportunities sharing this mission.

Finance 101

Maximize your financial future with information that is helpful, accessible, and educational so you can expand your mind and your bank account.

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