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Worthy Causes

There are so many extraordinary people making noble contributions in communities across America and we at Worthy would like to thank them by donating to their causes.

This month's 5 nominees were submitted by our customers and are being shared below for our Worthy community members to vote on which cause wins $10,000 this month!

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Family Promise

Family Promise assists families experiencing homelessness and low-income families to achieve housing and sustainable independence through a community-based response. This includes providing “tiny homes” as shelter. In 2021, volunteers donated 1,997 service hours, fed families 2,190 meals, and offered 1095 overnight stays.

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Borough of Manhattan Community College Foundation

Borough of Manhattan Community College Foundation, the college's not-for-profit organization, sole mission is to support the college. The Foundation Board provides leadership to BMCC by acquiring and stewarding financial resources to fund student scholarships and other college initiatives that help their students succeed.

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Books Education Learning and Life

Books Education Learning & Life is a nonprofit organization (B.E.L.L organization for short) with the goal to promote an interest in STEM among students residing in under-resourced communities while addressing the other variables which affect those shortcomings. It was founded in the Bronx, New York by a group of scholars, educators, coordinators, mentors, and professors.

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Cultural Enrichment Center

The Cultural Enrichment Center is designed to address the cultural, academic, career, and social needs of middle school and high school African American students in Fort Collins. The enrichment center is crafted in an academic cultural framework for the purpose of connecting participants with history, literature, arts, music, dance, traditions, and folklore of the African American experience.

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Boys to Men

Boys to Men believe that boys who are supported, guided and inspired by the adults in their lives tend to become the kind of good men that the world very much needs. They are people who know that as many as fifty percent of boys grow up without a strong male role model in their household. They are volunteer adults - men who show up for boys by modeling healthy male behavior and work to empower, guide and mentor these adolescents on a path to healthy manhood.

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