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Worthy Causes

There are so many extraordinary people making noble contributions in communities across America and we at Worthy would like to thank them by donating to their causes.

This month's 5 nominees were submitted by our customers and are being shared below for our Worthy community members to vote on which cause wins $10,000 this month!

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Sweet Olive Farm Animal Rescue

Sweet Olive Farm Animal Rescue serves as a sanctuary for a wide variety of animals. A magical farmhouse and a hundred year old barn amid rolling pastures set the scene for a happily ever after peaceable kingdom for these abandoned animals. Their mission is to help animals but to also educate the community about the importance of responsible animal care, ethical eating, and the sentience of all creatures.

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Osto Group

Osto Group is an organization that provides ostomy pouches and supplies, support and education to those who have had or need ostomy surgery. Ostomy is a procedure that creates an opening in the abdomen, changing the way that waste exits your body. Osto Group receives donations of unused ostomy products from all over the country and serves ostomates from all around the country. It is their objective and heartfelt commitment to show respect, devotion, high-quality and expeditious service while continuing to meet specific personal needs.

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Take Stock in Children

Take Stock in Children provides a unique opportunity for deserving, low-income youth to escape the cycle of poverty through education. They offer underserved students one-on-one support through caring volunteer mentors, professional college success services, the opportunity to earn scholarships, and hope for success in college, career, and life.

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Paws to Care

Paws 2 Care Coalition reduces the senseless killing of loving pets by protecting, rescuing, and offering medical care to abandoned, neglected and homeless pets. They promote spaying and neutering, and pet adoption as better alternatives to breeding and shopping.

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The Betty Jo White Outreach

The Betty Jo White Outreach, located in North Carolina, helps provide underprivileged community members with transportation, education, housing and other areas of essential needs. Their mission is to uplift and revitalize the community through donations and volunteer efforts.

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